Wallet Repair Glendale, CA

September 11, 2016     paul-shoes

Wallets Repair Glendale, CA

Of all the leather items you can possess, leather wallets remain the ones you will use the most. If you have invested in a high end high quality item, you can expect it to last forever. However, that does not mean it will escape the effects of aging and the sides effect of heavy usage. A broken zipper, a lost button, or minor tears, these are only few of the common types of damage your wallet can suffer. Yet, none of it means you have to throw it away and buy a new one. Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale understands how you can get attached to a wallet, and how difficult it is to switch to a new one. That is why we offer exceptional Wallet Repair Glendale, CA service with a promise of restoring the item to its original form and beauty.

At Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale, we have carefully selected the most proficient and skilled team of professionals at Wallet Repair Glendale, CA who understand the value of your leather goods. They are trained in using special tools and equipment designed to repair leather wallet without causing further damage or deformation. Our Wallet Repair Glendale, CA services go all the way from zipper and lining replacement to surface and edge paint repair. We have been doing Wallet Repair Glendale, CA since 1980. Don’t worry it doesn’t matter where you purchased from we do them all.We also go out of the way to make sure the original logo is properly restored as well.

Within the world of Wallet Repair Glendale, CA, one name speaks of experience and quality more than any other i.e. Paul Shoes Repairs and SaleHere at our family owned store, we pride ourselves on Wallet Repair Glendale, CA, an incredible sense of commitment and customer satisfaction in our work.  Coupled with our reasonable rates, the results you get is the advantage that few competitors could ever hope to match.To take the first steps towards Wallet Repair Glendale, CA give us a call at 818 507 0314.

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