Wallet Repair Burbank, CA:

September 11, 2016     paul-shoes

Wallet Repair Burbank, CA

There are many reasons for investing in a branded Wallet. They are elegantly stylish, and they are highly durable and dependable. Sadly, they are not as invincible as you might have expected. A faulty zipper, a broken button, or worn lining, are only few of the damages that can ruin your Wallet. However, Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale as Wallet Repair Burbank, CA is a family owned store that brings you hopes with our claim that no wallet is beyond repair. We are not your average leather good repairmen. We are a team of specialists trained in Wallet Repair Burbank, CA handling high-end luxury leather Wallets.

Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale understand how a small stitch can make a huge difference to the whole product, and that is why we as Wallet Repair Burbank, CA ensure perfection to the core. Our Wallet Repair Burbank, CA services include repair of broken or torn parts, and also replacement of missing parts such as zippers, buttons, and badges etc.Our commitment to excellence has won us widespread recognition and placed us among the leading shoe repairs and Wallet Repair Burbank, CA in Glendale, CA.

Our standards of quality and integrity have guided us since 1980, and remain today. We take pride in our extensive experience with:Wallet Repair Burbank, CA. Since 1980 we as Wallet Repair Burbank, CA have seen many repeat customers because of our friendly customer service, excellent prices, high-quality materials, convenient hours and location, and experienced, knowledgeable staff of Wallet Repair Burbank, CA.You can get in touch with us via email at paulshoes@sbcglobal.net or alternatively you can call us on 818 507 9962.

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