• Paul Shoes Repair

    Great work, great service and the price couldn’t be beat! I swear by this guy and I’m anal when it comes to my shoes!!!!  Best Shoe Repair shop In Town, great price, great work! !!!

    Michael Edwards

  • Shoes Repair Glendale CA

    “I took a pair of work shoes in to get resoled. I was concerned that they were unsalvageable, as they have had a lot of use over 7 or 8 years and were on their 5th set of soles. They came back as new. I can’t recommend the work highly enough.”

    Mike Haslam

  • testi1

    I’ve been a customer of Paul Shoes for many years …from repairs to my shoe and boot heels, toes, and soles to having purse straps fixed and even Christmas shopping in their leather purse and luggage section. It’s a great location and I’ve appreciated the service and will continue to use you whenever I have the need. Thanks!

    Max Verstappen