Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA:

September 11, 2016     paul-shoes

Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA

Here at Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale, Diabetic footwear is an area of our expertise, with many styles and options to choose from. We are able to provide you with properly fitting, fashionable, comfortable shoes.  Serving the Glendale, CA from 27 years, you can feel confident in choosing us for Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA. All our techniques and processes have been carefully developed using the latest products specifically designed for Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA. With every item we consider the look, feel and finish so that the results we achieve are second to none.

It is very important for diabetics to take the necessary precautions to prevent all foot related injuries. Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale always prides on Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA, an incredible sense of commitment and customer satisfaction in our work. Coupled with our reasonable rates, the results you get from our Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA is the advantage that few competitors could ever hope to match.Every member of our Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA team is passionate about what they do and aim to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our family owned business has been serving as Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA in Glendale CA since 1980, from the finest brands of shoe worldwide.Every pair of Diabetic Shoe is carefully constructed, from start to finish, by our Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA It was founded by Paul Mishidzhyan and is now run by his son Martiros. It is one of the two stores owned by the family. Our Shoe store carries dresses, casual and diabetic shoes. Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale prides itself on Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA that respects both form and function equally. We look forward to helping you regarding Diabetic Shoes Repair Glendale, CA. Come into our store or call us today at 818 507 0314.

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