Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA

September 11, 2016     paul-shoes

Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA

At Paul Shoes Repairs and Sale, Briefcase Repair Glendale,CA is an integral part of our services. Many straps are too long, and we can shorten them to the desired length.We also sew strap on purses. Many times new straps can replace old and/or worn vinyl straps. Vinyl straps, handles, broken buckles and zippers can also be repaired or replaced.Once we as Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA receive Briefcase for repair, we will inspect the item, advise you of repair costs and request your approval before any repair work takes place.We are a team of specialists trained in Briefcase Repair Glendale,CA in handling high-end luxury Briefcase.

Paul Shoe Repairs and Sale is a trusted name when it comes to servicing your Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA needs.  Whatever brand of Briefcase you have chosen, we will evaluate and give you a quote for repair.  We just plain “fix it” because with over 35 years of the highest quality of Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA service, we know just how to fix your Briefcase, travel bags, luggage and/or business cases.The knowledgeable technicians undertake a variety of Briefcase Repairs for Glendale, CA, completing all repair and restoration work at a repair center.With every item we consider the look, feel and finish so that the results we achieve are second to none.

Paul Shoe Repairs and Sale understand how a small stitch can make a huge difference to the whole product, and that is why we ensure perfection to the core. Our Briefcase Repair Glendale, CAservices include repair of broken or torn parts of Briefcase and also replacement of missing parts such as zippers, buttons, and badges etc. We have trained Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA technicians who give you a quote on repairing it. It is sometimes cheaper to repair it than to replace it. For more details about Briefcase Repair Glendale, CA, contact us at 818 507 9962 or email at

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